The wave of feminism in this era, has brought its fair share of misinterpretation along with terms such as “Feminazism”.
Through this blog post, I wanted to highlight the kind of patriarchal and misogynistic mindset our society still holds. Forget about wage equality and equal representation in the state, we are yet to achieve the milestone of creating a safe and secure environment for women. We have to stop feeding this Rape culture, stop asking the wrong questions, stop teaching the women to dress appropriately, stop caging the women at home. Stop defending the boys, stop promoting masculinity as sexually aggressive, stop men from believing they have to ‘teach a lesson’ to women. Stop with the hypocrisy.

How long till I’m respected
How long till I’m seen
Not as a commodity
But as a human being

How long till I walk the street
Of my country like an outsider
The smirks and gawking;
Harassed and abused.

How long till I’m groped
Raped and dumped
And told “it’s your fault”
You were “asking for it”.

How long till the hands of the clock
And the length of my skirt
Define my character and
Perpetuate this Rape culture.

A man, stud
A woman, promiscuous
A man, friendly
A woman, slut.

We are not the victims
We are not stripped of off our dignity.
We are not ashamed,
If anybody it should be you.

How long till you realise, we are not weak
And want no sympathy, but this
Patriarchal paradigm to change
And an end to such Hypocrisy.


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