She sees a woman
With shiny hair, slim thighs
Arched back and smoky eyes.
It’s easy to forget
It’s not a person, but a commodity,
Created by professionals.

What’s advertised are not brands
What’s advertised are not products.
What’s advertised is anorexic bodies,
Unhealthy BMIs and photoshopped faces.
What’s advertised is fear
The fear of rejection,
The fear of not conforming to a certain body type,
The fear of not being good enough.

What’s advertised in the name of confidence is insecurity.
An urge to pull down your skirt
An urge to look at and away from the mirror

It’s difficult to look beyond the superficial
It’s difficult to look at your beautiful
It’s easy to forget in front of you is
Not a person, but a commodity.


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